Career Transition + Career Development Coaching

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aubrie de clerck, career coach and astrologer, portland or

aubrie de clerck, cpc

Our Process

1) The Work You Want

By identifying what elements are most important to you – logistically, emotionally, intellectually – we lay the path and create the structure for your search. What are your biggest priorities?  Dealbreakers?  Your answers may surprise you.

2) Get to Know Your Threads

What are threads? Threads are the things that don’t change about you. The things you do naturally. Your gifts. Using threads as the foundation for your search builds confidence. Knowing your threads simplifies your messaging and creates ease in interviewing. We all have threads – in fact, we can trace them through each job you have ever had. Making a significant career change? Let your threads help.

3) Identify Your Uniqueness

Who are you? Use your threads to know how you do things differently than anyone else. This is what helps you stand out to employers and provides consistency through all of your communications (resume, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, negotiating salary & promotions). I’m deeply practical and highly inspirational – that’s part of my uniqueness. It showed up whether I was working in Retail, Information Technology, Non-Profit or as an Entrepreneur. I can’t stop doing it – just like my threads, my uniqueness is something that is natural to me and has always been there.  We can find yours too.

 Our Tools

I use a combination of tools along with my own personal perspective during sessions.  The core of my coaching is 1:1 conversations, in person, via phone or over Skype.

I am experienced with and recommend StrengthFinders 2.0, Via, Visual Facilitation and Astrology.  (Yes, astrology – see my article on Astrology & Career for more information).

In addition to our session, I provide worksheets and homework.

Do We Fit?

If you are a motivated person who believes your career life can be better, even if you don’t know how – we are a good fit.  I work well with people who are ready to see possibilities. I welcome people of all age ranges from college age through those planning for retirement, regardless of industry.

“I know what I would love to do, but don’t know how to get there”
“I need a change in my work life and I’m excited to make it!”
“I’m ready for a better way to look for work.”
“I need fresh perspective to help get me motivated.”
“I just received a degree/certification and I want to create a career with it”

If you are saying any of these statements, fill out this form and I will contact you to set a time for our first appointment.  Or, simply call or email me.