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I often tell clients that the intersection of scary and exciting is right where they want to be – it’s one way of knowing that a decision, idea or job supports our growth.

This post is about me being at this intersection, right now.  

First though, a little about my theory:

If something is only scary, there is a good chance we won’t do it.  We need excitement to help us step into the unknown of the next chapter. While these kinds of changes can be inspiring and freeing for us, they can also bring up fears:

  • People will think I’m crazy
  • A part of my life is ending and I don’t know what the next steps look like
  • I’ve committed and it feels like there is no turning back

Examples of events at the intersection:

  • Quitting or losing a job
  • Returning to school
  • Changing career paths
  • Accepting a new job
  • Starting a business

Now to my story.

For the last four and a half years I have been working part time for the fantastic Portland office of the career development firm Lee Hecht Harrison.  When I first started, the work took me to many different companies, working with people from all walks of life who had been laid off.  I helped them with their job search, from setting an individualized plan through negotiating an offer.  About a year in to my time at LHH, I also started providing career development coaching to Nike employees, helping them navigate the company and their careers successfully.

For the past two years, I focused on the Nike work only.   Many of you know I used to work at Nike – my knowledge of the company has been invaluable in guiding employees.  I feel that I have contributed more to the organization and its people in these past couple of years than in my earlier 9 year career there.

I love the work.  And I have decided to leave it to focus 100% on my private practice.

The intersection of scary and exciting.

Scary because I am leaving the comfort of consistent, known part time work.  Exciting because I will have space in my schedule to take on new clients, expand on workshop ideas and write more blog posts.  🙂

As I embark on this leap of faith, I am reminded of the courage of my clients who have faced these kinds of intersections and thrived.  A big thank you to them for inspiring me each day, to being a part of this work.

It’s right where I want to be.