I’ve never been good with uncertainty.

I think I came out of the womb this way.  

Shyness as a child kept me pretty sheltered. 

I created a tough shell and attitude as a teenager and young adult to try to stay in control.

At home, the unpredictable symptoms of my mom’s Multiple Sclerosis were heartbreaking.

Working for someone else, the main area for growth on my reviews all through corporate was “tolerance for ambiguity.”  

Working for myself, the ups and downs of self-employment are kind of anxiety provoking. 

And don’t get me started on Covid.  

There are so many times I just want to have someone TELL ME WHAT TO DO.  

And yet…

When someone did tell me, I’d push back.

Because even if it was barely audible, there was an internal voice that said – you know what’s right for you, and even if you don’t know it right now, you will. Wait.

Waiting. Surrender. Faith.  

Not my strong suits and yet it’s where I have found the most joy, freedom and growth in my life.

I’ve tried so many things to help lessen the discomfort in the meantime- and some of them have been life changing, life saving:

  • zen meditation practice
  • energy and body work
  • astrology, tarot, psychic readings
  • amazing friendships
  • retreats
  • therapy
  • skill building – coaching and career tools to create specificity
  • more, more, more

But none of them take away the core fact that life is uncertain.  

We just don’t know. 

As incredible as astrology is, it can’t tell you what’s going to happen.

As excellent a tool as LinkedIn is for connecting, it can’t tell you the best path for your work life. 

You have your own way through uncertainty to what’s on the other side.  

Let me know if you want help finding it – we can do it together.