Sometimes people think my business name means finding certainty and answers. What clarity actually means to me is a powerful knowing that comes from a connection to oneself.

People are often coming to see me because they are in a place of uncertainty – they want and need a change but don’t know what it is or how to get there (or both). I can totally relate to wanting relief from that painful place, and it’s a good indicator of readiness for change. I think where we go astray is in forcing certainty before it’s available. Another stumbling block is assuming we need certainty before we take action.

You don’t have to be certain to move forward, you only need to have some amount of clarity.

Things don’t have to feel positive to have clarity in them. They don’t have to feel like a lightening bolt of awareness, either. When you have any kind of clarity, however it feels, there are options. There’s a path. We may not know where it leads, but you aren’t stuck. We can find a way to move forward that results in confidence, excitement and motivation.

Uncomfortable places that are great for finding clarity:

  • Knowing what you don’t want
  • A general sense that change is coming
  • Feeling unhappy, even if you’re not really sure why or feel you shouldn’t be
  • Hitting a wall and just being done

I’m not saying this is easy – (I have my own struggles with uncertainty). But there is a lot of possibility in allowing the knowing to unfold in its own timing, including possibility that might be missed if the process is forced.

You don’t have to know what your passion is, or what role you’re looking for. You can start right where you are.

I have a couple of workbooks to help you through this phase of uncertainty and connect you to your inner knowing:

Threads eWorkbook – Threads will help you find a foundation of your unique gifts and talents in a way that helps narrow the field significantly while also opening up possibilities you might not have considered.

Weathering Work Change eBook – Inspiration, practical guidance and plenty of resources to help you navigate change – whether outside circumstances are bringing it on, or you are initiating it.

I’d be happy to work 1:1 with you too, to help you navigate from wherever you are to more fulfilling work.  Feel free to reach out.