Both/And Thinking in Career Change

“I’d love to start my own business, but I can’t because I don’t have any capital.” “I’d love to change careers, but I can’t because it would take too long to get the necessary skills.” Have you ever noticed how considering the plusses and minuses of a big career...

Let Go to Move Forward

Most of us have been there – in a job we hate but can’t quit. All too often it is the catch 22 of not being able to leave a job until you have another one, yet not being able to muster the energy or confidence to take on a search. It can feel like the ultimate of...

Taking a Retreat from Job Search

Job search can be stressful, no matter what your personal or professional situation. There can be time pressure, financial pressure, identity pressure, family pressure—it’s up there with other events like moving,  planning a wedding or having a new child. If you are...

Know Your Career Phase

“Wisdom consists in knowing one’s place in any given cycle, and what kinds of action (or restraint of action) are appropriate for that phase.” – Richard Heinberg  The natural world gives us good cues about cycles.  The change of seasons, tides and phases of the moon...

Ask Yourself the Big Questions

"What's my purpose in life?" "What do I want to be when I grow up?" I used to think these were THE big questions. The ones to be pursuing about career and work. Knowing my life purpose or even what I want to do 10 years from now can help set a compass for direction....

Filling the Well

Imagine drawing your energy for your work life as if you were drawing water from a well.  You lower the bucket and pull up the fresh, clean water you need each day to feel sustained through the ups and downs. When your work is fulfilling, the well can feel like it is...

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