Narrowing the Search Funnel

I think about careers as a funnel shape.  There are narrow areas of focus (being in school, working in a specific role or industry) and wide areas full of possibilities and uncertainty (coming out of school, recreating our work lives, being laid off).  Some people...


Ever feel drained after work? We can get drained for a number of reasons - a frustrating interaction, lack of variety, feeling under-appreciated or unfulfilled.  It can be an isolated incident or a recurring theme.  It happens to all of us. Let's think of this as if...

You can be human here

We are all scared. Scared of losing a job.  Staying in a job.  Being too old.  Being too young.  Under-qualified.  Overqualified. Saying the wrong thing.  Saying the right thing in the wrong way.  Never having work we love.  Losing the work we love.  Using social...

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