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Mac’s List “Find Your Dream Job” podcast

Only when you know what you truly want from from work will you able able to target the job opportunities most likely to make you happy.  Listen to Mac Prichard and I talk about how to focus get clear about your work goals, including how  job seekers identify the the work-life elements they most value, creating a focused roadmap for meaningful work.

Your Cosmic Career Coach Podcast

In partnership with Tom Chaplin, a career coach and astrologer based in Washington D.C., this short, bi-weekly podcast shows you how career coaching and astrology fit together to help you be more creative and authentic in how you approach your career. Expect laughter, thoughtful conversation and real life client examples.

To hear an example of what a career coaching session with astrology sounds like with Tom coaching Aubrie, listen here. Recording of Aubrie coaching Tom to come!

Chiron: Key to Our Careers

This is a recording of a talk I gave to the San Francisco NCGR astrology group in August of 2016. You can listen to portions of the talk or purchase the entire recording with the slides.

The focus of the conversation is a point in the sky called Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer. It’s about unlocking your innate talents and allowing your inner challenges to work for you. We explore how Chiron’s telltale characteristics show up in our work lives, how Chiron’s placement can be a pivotal point for positive change and how to gain a fuller understanding of our life’s work; and create more ease in our careers.

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