Unlocking fulfilling work with Chiron

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” ― David Richo

This course is an astrological self reflection to unlock your innate talents and allow your inner challenges to work for you. Chiron – a point in the sky called “the wounded healer” – opens doors to a fuller understanding of  what is in the way of fulfilling work and points to more ease and confidence in your career. 

This course is for you if you

  • Have recurring, painful patterns at work places, or with work in general
  • Feel unable to identify how you are unique and special
  • Sense there is a block to having what you want but must keep trying

Chiron can help you:

  • Identify your gifts. Chiron helps name your gifts and provide comfort in knowing they are innate within you already. This paves the way for motivation and self-acceptance.
  • Define and find healthy work environments.  Knowing about your Chiron inspires you to advocate for yourself at work in a balanced way, make future choices that support your well being, and support the expression of your gifts, rather than furthering wounds.
  • Open to more empowerment, peace and motiviation. Chiron shows us   that the key to change is inside of us and does not require outside circumstances to change in order  to access it.

Learn More About Chiron Before Purchasing

Try this free Chiron worksheet or watch the video below.

Unlocking Fulfilling Work with Chiron (Online Course)



  • 40-minute course
  • 3 page PDF with Chiron key words by sign and house
  • 30-minute 1:1 session about Chiron in your chart

Topics Covered:

  • Chiron astrologically
  • Chiron in culture
  • Chiron dynamic
  • Chiron and work
  • Gifts by Chiron sign
  • Wounds by Chiron sign
  • Client examples
  • Self reflection questions
  • Ideas for moving forward

This course  is for people who have some astrology knowledge and are able to find Chiron in their chart.


“I really appreciate that Aubrie uses Chiron as a framework for understanding ourselves in terms of career. Aubrie helps us to understand where some of our wounds show up in the workplace and how they might get expressed, but she also shows you a path forward, with how to use your wounds for growth, healing, and purpose.”

“Knowing about my Chiron helped me better understand the stuckness and move from a place of self-blame to a gentler position that has allowed me to take action.”

“Learning about Chiron has helped be more self-compassionate and accepting of things that are inherently me, and to work WITH these forces, rather than against them. The value of this understanding cannot be overstated. I have started making better choices in my business, and it has really effected its profitability. I have more ease in my life because of my work with Aubrie.”

“The biggest blessing from my reading, to be honest, was permission to stop judging myself for my confusion, and to feel more kindly toward my questions and struggles. It’s helped me understand how I have been working on the right questions all along.”

“I received a Chiron/Career reading from Aubrie.The reading helped illuminate some of the patterns that have shaped my career choices over the years. She’s a straight-shooter with a kind sensitivity — a very nice combination. I highly recommend Aubrie to career changers or to anyone wanting to understand the deeper patterns at work in their lives.”