I love lists.  They are a clear and succinct way to take in information, and help me focus on what is really important. Here’s my list of information that I think is important for you to know about me!  If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out.

(If you’re interested in a more formal bio and career history, check out my LinkedIn profile or my career story.

Pronouns  she, her

I’m proud of transitioning from corporate to nonprofit to entrepreneurship. After 10 years in corporate, I couldn’t ignore the call to do work with more meaning.  I cut my hours, took a pay cut and spent a day a week exploring my options.  I got clear on what I wanted most and stuck to it. I continued to have faith, even when it was scary and the future was unknown.

I’m frustrated by fear driven messages, such as “10 things to say in an interview or you’ll fail.” Fear as a motivator does no good for your search.  What the fear is trying to help you protect, now that is interesting and useful.

I come alive when I think about possibilities, especially possibilities within constraints. How to make a genuine and compelling resume that tells a personal story is one example.  Thinking big about what you want while getting real world needs met is another.

I feel purposeful when I can help people connect to their inner knowing.  When I can help people separate the shoulds from the wants, accept and celebrate themselves just as they are, step into the unknown of life without assumptions and expectations – that is meaningful work to me.

I believe that understanding and having confidence in who you are is the key to fulfillment at work.  Who we are is the constant – with us wherever we go and no one can give the gifts we have to give.  When we are connected in to this, others see this as well.  This changes us, those around us and the world.

I’m known for being highly inspirational and deeply practical.

I took me by surprise when I started using astrology in my coaching practice. I studied and used it for myself for over 10 years and found that it brought confidence and comfort – that there was a reason for what was happening in my life, that I could work with it rather than resist it, and that it was going to end!  🙂 When I finished a 6 month apprenticeship with my teacher Emily Trinkaus, she said it was time for me to integrate astrology into my practice.  As scary as it was at the time, it was just the kick out of the nest I needed.  What a fun, intellectually challenging and hopeful way to engage with the mysteries of our lives.

I never thought I would be a coach. I thought it was too “Oprah” – too much of the “think it and it will happen” mentality.  I took a class at Portland Community College on coaching at the suggestion of a friend (despite much resistance and doubt)  and was hooked right away. The belief that people are whole, capable and resourceful, and the rock solid practicality of the outcomes resonated.  I  interviewed schools and went to InviteChange for my coaching certification – the in person classes and whole person approach felt right. I completed my certification in 2010 and am a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

I’m informed by colleagues, continuing education, books, clients, conferences and my Zen meditation practice.  I’m a distiller of information. I love taking perspectives from all over and finding the commonalities.  If we work together, I’ll be asking you for a lot of information, be prepared!

I’m inspired by people who take courageous steps for what they believe in and live fully and authentically.  Eddie Izzard is one of those people who is living fully.  She’s a comedian who has delivered shows in 28 countries and 4 languages in order to prove humor unites us, rather than divides.  She is an athlete and activist, running 43 marathons in 52 days (with an ice cream truck in tow, distributing free ice cream) to raise money for Sports Relief.  Now, I’m not saying we all need to take on these kinds of huge, high profile challenges.  I, for one, am into taking more personal growth and emotional risks, and doing so with integrity even though they might be scary.  That’s living fully to me. You have your way of living fully.  Eddie reminds me it’s possible and to keep on going.

I get nerdily excited by working within limitations. Is it possible to be genuine and compelling in one’s resume and in the interview process and land the work you want? Yes, and it can be fun, too!

I proudly belong to the International Coach Federation, Seattle Women In Business for Good, the National Council for Geocosmic Research and the Organization of Professional Astrologers.

I am here to provide focus, inspiration and guidance.  Encourage you and help you get clear on your path. Help you create practical next steps that will take you from exactly where you are to fulfilling work.  You don’t have to know what your next step is.  It’s completely normal to feel unclear.  You can’t do it wrong and you won’t feel like this forever.  We’ll do the work together.

Okay, that’s me. I’d love to learn more about you!  You’re welcome to schedule a time to get started together.

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