Why do you use astrology?

When I was 28 years old, I felt like every area of my life was turned upside down.  I reached out to a friend and mentor of mine who was 10 years and one day older than me.  Looking to her (as I had many times before) for wisdom and perspective, she responded with “check out the time in astrology called the Saturn Return and get back to me when you’re done.”  I sat there puzzled – I had hoped for a clearer answer!  But I was curious.

I did check it out, and I learned that the Saturn Return is something everyone goes through.  It’s a time of sorting out our lives.  All people between the ages of 27 – 30 are called to look at their lives, decide what they are committed to and make choices.  Aligning one’s life is the aim. Not only did I learn about the Saturn Return in particular, I also learned that we have these kinds of processes with different themes at all kinds of intervals in our lives (at ages 40 – 42, 50, 56 – 60, just to name a few).

In astrology I found a comfort and confidence that I have yet to find in any other tool.  There are reasons for what I go through in life, that it’s normal, that it always has an end (thank goodness!). If I work with the energy present, it would be easier from here on out.  This knowledge has changed my life.  As I continue to understand myself through astrology, I have learned how to better see and define my gifts and challenges, and accept and celebrate them both.  It is a joy to use this tool in my practice.

I love using astrology as a tool for career change and career development for these reasons:

      • What makes an astrological perspective so valuable is that, unlike other career assessments, your birth chart is 100% unique to you.  It’s an objective perspective that focuses on who you are and contains a wealth of information about your natural talents, skills, challenges, strengths, weaknesses and avenues to develop.  It also provides information on your values and addresses the nature of work that you would find most meaningful.  It not only shows your attitude towards work but also where you’re most likely to find success in the workplace.  For this reason, it’s a powerful tool that enriches any career coaching conversation.
      • Sometimes we need a totally different perspective. So many people come to me having tried everything (“I’ve done ‘What Color is Your Parachute’ 3 times and still don’t know!”) Astrology takes us out of your “business as usual.”. Think about how people leave their known places to get inspiration – taking a retreat, journaling, going for a walk, traveling, meditation.  Astrology can provide a similar kind of perspective.  I also like to think of it as another language, one that crosses the borders of left and right brain, science and art.
      • It’s a great way to access your inner knowing. Astrology, like Steven Forrest says, operates best when we look to it for meaning, purpose and perspective.  It is not a predictive tool – I will not tell you what you will be when you grow up, what you should do or never do. Astrology and I will give you permission to trust your intuition and let it guide your decision making.
      • Inviting in mystery. A confession: I’m not really sure why astrology works. Even though I have been doing career consultations for years, I often find myself in awe at how it gets to the core of the matter. It inspires me, helps me have trust and faith in challenging times and invites me to let go and see how things will unfold – with just the right amount of support.  Inviting in the mystery to our work lives gives depth, dimension and inspiration.
        I am the target text.

Do I have to do both astrology & coaching?

It’s entirely up to you.  You can do career coaching without incorporating astrology, and you can have a career astrology consultation without doing any coaching at all. It’s your choice. If you don’t know which way to go, I can help you decide.

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 You talk about mystery in career.  Aren’t you supposed to help remove the mystery?

Have you ever had an unexpected event change the course of your life? Thought a situation was going to turn out a certain way, only to find that it turned out different (and better) than you thought?

I have.  I was in love with my work at Incight, helping students with disabilities on their transitions from college to career.  In 2008, after working with students for three years, I was laid off – just before the start of many of the students’ final year of school.  I was going to miss their graduations and transitions.  I was heartbroken.  After some grieving, I started Coaching for Clarity and while it was sad, scary, exciting and unknown, it was just the right thing for me.

Our work lives thrive on this mystery – how a loss can turn into a win, how what we have planned can pale in comparison to what the universe has planned for us. Yes, it is vitally important to be able to get our arms around practical steps towards more fulfilling work. It is equally important, however, to leave room in the process for things that we cannot predict.  Staying as free as possible of assumptions and expectations is crucial.  So many people shut down their possibilities by telling stories of how it just won’t work – I can’t because they would never hire me, I don’t have enough experience, I could never make enough money… In my experience with clients I’ve noticed that not only do those assumptions rob energy they need from their searches, they also keep people on the edge of missing out on exciting opportunities and connections.

The unknown is inevitable and unavoidable, so we might as well welcome it in and open ourselves to the mystery.  It is my job to guide you through the unknown – providing just the right amount of structure to help you feel the forward movement, while leaving plenty of space for inspiration and excitement.

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Why don’t you use assessments that provide job titles?

I find that assessments that provide titles – such as the MBTI – narrow the possibilities too quickly and limit the magic and mystery (see the above question!) of exploration. I believe in assessments that open up possibilities.

Assessments I use:

StrengthsFinder 2.0

We also find a gold mine of information through exercises done together and on your own.

If having titles provided for you is a priority, I have referrals to trusted colleagues who will do these with you!

I am the target text.

How do we know if we are a fit?

If you…

          • value and enjoy self reflection, we are on the same page!
          • believe joyful work is possible, but don’t know what it looks like, I can help you define it.
          • need fresh perspective and a different approach, I’m your gal.
          • want to make a thoughtful, conscious career change, I will support you.
          • say, “If I knew what I wanted to do, I would be doing it already,” I’m for you.
          • need help clearly communicating your gifts and talents – your specialties, this is one of my specialties.
          • want dedicated space to think about what makes you happy, my office is just the place.
          • want to access your inner knowing about career decisions, I would be overjoyed to help.   You can schedule here.  

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