Aubrie is wildly kind, patient, smart, and adaptable. At the beginning of our time together, I felt lost; floating and without focus. Throughout our time together, I felt supported in taking next steps to help me narrow my search and make movement forward. Aubrie responded so warmly when my fears crept in, and she flexed and adapted her recommendations when something wasn’t working for me. She listened deeply and made me feel seen. Aubrie was exactly the kind of supportive and knowledgable career coach I needed.”

- NS

“Thanks Aubrie! You’re a great cheerleader, even if you are the coach!”

- SR

Aubrie had a transformational impact on my career exploration. Her input and advice positively influenced not only my day-to-day work, but also helped me make a transition to a new role in a new sector. Even today, just weeks into my new job, I find myself drawing on what I learned through her coaching. Her thoughtful and insightful approach helped me find clarity in purpose and identify fruitful ways to navigate the exploration and search processes. I highly recommend her!

- HS

Aubrie and I immediately bonded, which made the rollercoaster ride that is job searching more enjoyable, productive, and insightful. I walked away from our coaching sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and a belief in myself I haven’t felt in a long time.

- SF

“Working with Aubrie was wonderful for a number of reasons. When I met her, I was ready to leave a job that wasn’t a fit but felt stuck and afraid to take the leap. She helped me get a handle on exiting the job with confidence, grace and composure.

The career astrology reading she did at the beginning of our work together gave me a bird’s eye view of my past career choices, present situation, and future possibilities. I have had several astrology readings but none were focused on Chiron and career in quite the same way nor did they give me the feeling of permission and freedom that hers did. In working with Aubrie, I received help with “brass tacks” such as resumes, cover letters, my LinkedIn page, and gaining confidence in networking as well as a sense of structure for pursuing a career with my unique combination of experiences. I highly recommend!”

- Cynthia Lopez

“Aubrie has been a lifesaver. I came to her thinking she would tell me what to do to get a job, and although she is an expert in that subject, she is much more interested in listening to the person she is working with and guiding them through doing the things they feel are right for getting the job they want. She is always listening and uses that to help me focus in on what I feel is the best next step, even when I think I have no idea where I am going! She always has a positive attitude and is always there with advice if you need it.”

- AG

“Aubrie is the first coach that truly helped me drill down into what’s getting in the way of my passion & dream job. She is very honest & direct and yet, very respectful. The session flowed smoothly & effortlessly from one issue to the next….always focusing on my top priorities.”

- GS

“Aubrie combines the best of two worlds: grounded practicality from her business background with intuitive insights from her astrological work. I’ve had many readings over the years, but Aubrie zeroed in on an important aspect that every other astrologer overlooked. This has proved to be a major key in helping me navigate the swiftly shifting sands in my professional life.”

- JN

“I would highly recommend a session with Aubrie to anyone who wants to know themselves better, who wants to make the best use of their natural talents, and who wants to avoid conflicts that we may be creating for ourselves.  Truly a service I can recommend to anyone.”

- JZ

“Thanks again for the reading, it helped in moving forward, and allowing my energy to flow again as well as confirming I am on track!”

- ML

“Quite the unfolding. I have so much gratitude for our work together, Aubrie! Our call really marked the beginning of a profound life shift for me:

-Choosing different–this has been my mantra since deciding to leave that job. 

-Having my gifts reflected back to me, especially that wide view of what lights up my chart.

-Understanding that I can ask questions in interviews that give me good information about work culture. I recently withdrew my application from a job where I was being invited back for a second interview because of some really shady communication and organizational culture stuff. It was a clear “hell no.” 

-It’s just been such an empowering process to choose myself in all of this. My Chiron still protests sometimes (what the hell are we doing?? We don’t have a plan!!), but it’s so clearly time to stop moving and choosing from a place of scarcity. “

- GD

“Aubrie has an uncanny ability to get to the root of her clients challenges, strengths and desires.  Clarity is exactly what Aubrie brings to the complexities of navigating our current job and career goals.  With Aubrie’s assistance I have found the perfect fit business for myself and I could not have achieved the successes I have accomplished without her guidance and encouragement.

Aubrie is an expert adviser, consultant and coach!  I have tried quite a few career/business advisers over the years and Aubrie is by far the best. A coaching session with Aubrie is efficient, insightful and extraordinarily rewarding.  I urge anyone seeking positive life and career changes and improvements to meet with Aubrie, you will not be disappointed!  6 star review on a 5 star scale!”

- Charlie Garrell

“I made concrete gains through working with Aubrie. I approached her with a unique set of challenges and requests. She did a great job of helping me reach my goals, even though some were relatively undefined and difficult to measure.

Aubrie helped me understand how to leverage my skills and experience to a new and varied audience. My resume and LinkedIn have never looked so good, and she gave me great advice on how to explore new ideas and interests, as well as how to take those ideas to the next level. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone going through a career transition!”

- Lindsey Brock

“Aubrie is able to teach concisely; there is no wasted breath in her presence. She is also an uncanny listener–when she reflects back to me my own questions I am amazed at her accurate memory. This and her big-picture overview make sessions with her invaluable.”

- DL

“I wanted to tell you: after I accepted this position, I took a long walk and listened (again) to the recording you made of our reading. It’s really incredible going back — after a year has passed, and with all the changes in my life — and hearing it through a completely different lens. Coming to see you for career coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I know myself so much better now, and this path, that once seemed so crazy, seems to make so much more sense.”

- RG

7 months ago I came to Aubrie self diagnosing a problem and hoping she could help. The problem: after 12 years in financial sales I’d “lost the fire.” I was sure Aubrie would help me identify what caused the flame to flicker out, I would acquire new tools, and then start using said tools to get the flame going again. Instead, after about 4 weeks, I was saying out loud for the first time that I wanted out! This came, as you can imagine, with some highs and lows. We started talking about different professions I may be interested in. In times I would get frustrated with myself for “getting distracted” at work, Aubrie would help me shift my thoughts to getting curious about why these things would get my attention. We started discovering themes in my life. It was becoming clear that I wasn’t an “easily distracted” person but rather a “highly focused” individual in areas that pertain to my interest.  After all of this, we were able to start creating language around what an ideal job would look like. Then, about 5 months into our work, after chatting with people from all different types of professions and backgrounds, the perfect position emerged just a few offices down with my existing organization. Today, I have a job where I can maximize all of my strengths. I am constantly challenged in ways that matter to me and come to work excited to face the day. Beyond that, working with Aubrie helped me get back to some pretty foundational routines in my personal life which has helped me come to a place where I feel completely harmonious. I am thankful for all Aubrie has done in my life and recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting to improve, change, or understand better their career/life.

- Chad Seegmiller

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