While many of us may wish to be happy and successful at work, what we really want is to be confident.

Confident that no matter what work offers up – success or failure, happiness or disappointment, recognition or indifference – we can unshakably rely on ourselves to be self-assured, and at our ease.


– Michael Carroll 

Unlocking Fulfilling Work – Online Course

Unlocking fulfilling work with Chiron

Unlocking Fulfilling Work
with Chiron

You receive:  

  • 40-minute course
  • 3 page PDF supplement
  • 30-minute consultation 

in depth process
for finding your innate gifts


Weathering Work Change ebook by Aubrie DeClerck

practical and inspirational 
guidance for change


Bring Your Whole Self to Work Workbook by Aubrie DeClerk

using astrology to identify fulfilling work

We will

– find your flow and clarity, along with the confidence, motivation and excitement to move forward

– create possibilities and action plans that are uniquely yours

Meet Aubrie

“Aubrie and I immediately bonded, which made the rollercoaster ride that is job searching more enjoyable, productive, and insightful. I walked away from our coaching sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and a belief in myself I haven’t felt in a long time.”  more….

- SF

“Aubrie is wildly kind, patient, smart, and adaptable. At the beginning of our time together, I felt lost; floating and without focus. Throughout our time together, I felt supported in taking next steps to help me narrow my search and make movement forward. Aubrie responded so warmly when my fears crept in, and she flexed and adapted her recommendations when something wasn’t working for me. She listened deeply and made me feel seen. Aubrie was exactly the kind of supportive and knowledgable career coach I needed.”  more….

- ns

“Working with Aubrie was wonderful for a number of reasons. When I met her, I was ready to leave a job that wasn’t a fit but felt stuck and afraid to take the leap. She helped me get a handle on exiting the job with confidence, grace and composure.” more….

- Cynthia Lopez

What it Means to Find Clarity

Sometimes people think my business name means finding certainty and answers. And while we do find answers, what clarity actually means to me is a powerful knowing that comes from a connection to oneself.

People are often coming to see me because they are in a place of uncertainty – they want and need a change but don’t know what it is or how to get there (or both). I can totally relate to wanting relief from feeling stuck, and it’s a good indicator of readiness for change. I think where we go astray is in forcing complete certainty before it’s available. Another stumbling block is assuming we need certainty before we take action.

You don’t have to be 100% certain to move forward, you only need to have some amount of clarity.

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