Threads Workbook 


Threads are the things about us that dont change. Things you do naturally. Your gifts. You couldnt stop doing them if you tried. 

If you are changing jobs or careers, Threads can help. Whether you are sure what you want to do, or still deciding, Threads make all parts of the process easier: 

  • Identifying your direction 
  • Explaining your direction to others 
  • Writing a compelling resume 
  • Answering interview questions 
  • Making decisions about what jobs to take / not take 

You can learn more about Threads in the audio and videos below. 

This workbook is a process – a 20+ page downloadable/fillable PDF that guides you through thoughtful reflections, practical steps and inspiring shifts in perspective. 

This is work that you do once, that you will use the rest of your life. Make sure you have some time to dive in. You will probably want to work on it in more than one sitting. The intention is to walk you through what I would do with clients in 6, hour-long sessions. This is work that you do once, that you will use the rest of your life.  

If you could use extra help while youre going through the process, use the code in your download email to redeem 10% off one career coaching or career astrology session.

Want to do the process 1:1 with me?  Get a package of 4 sessions.

Want to do the process in a group? Check out the  Threads Workshop.