Bring Your Whole Self to Work Workbook by Aubrie De Clerck
Bring Your Whole Self to Work Workbook Table of Contents by Aubrie DeClerk
Bring Your Whole Self to Work Workbook About Page by Aubrie DeClerk

To get an idea of what the questions are like,  download this worksheet on Chiron.  It’s not included in the eWorkbook, so it’s a bonus!  

Chiron represents a place in your life that can feel stuck and painful.  It’s also a place to look for gifts and how to open to purpose.  Explore this worksheet to learn more about Chiron in your life and work.

Bring Your Whole Self to Work — Using Astrology


Your chart is an inspirational and practical guide to more fulfilling work!

Learn how your astrological fingerprint can help you move from confusion and frustration to joy and empowerment. Through self reflection you will craft personalized actions that open doors to your unique contribution – now and for the rest of your life.


In this workbook:

  • Breakdown of 8 core components of the chart supported with visual and written resources
  • Tons of specific, insightful inquiries crafted specifically for work/career
  • Place to bring your insights together and create next steps

This process is 30+ page downloadable/fillable PDF modeled on a popular 6 week astrology class. You don’t have to have astrology experience to use this workbook – only excitement, interest and a willingness to go through the process!


About the concept of bringing one’s whole self to work

I want to help people bring as much of themselves to work as they want and feel safe doing so. Ideally, we could bring our whole selves — however there are systemic, institutional, interpersonal, internalized, cultural and economic biases and discrimination that prevent that from being a reality and expect tradeoffs for authenticity.

We also have things that we just don’t want to bring to work. We rarely get space to think about what we *really* want, or would *love* to do, to dream and acknowledge our desires. My hope is that this workbook first and foremost serves as a way to explore and help you identify what it would mean to bring your whole self, and from there work through what you choose to share and what trade offs might be present.