I work with people 3 months at a time, and take a limited number of people on each month.

Let’s have an initial 30 minute new client conversation to find out if I’m a good fit for you, and create the focus for our work together.

3 Month Package – $1600 – includes all support between appointments

I choose to work with people in a package format to create the space and consistent support for making thoughtful career decisions. These topics are important and make a huge impact on our lives, and us both committing to the package reflects respect for what you are undertaking.  Know that our conversations will both be reflective and actionable, and that I will show up fully with my head, heart and intuition. The package also allows for the kind of flexibility and generosity that is important to me.  We can meet at whatever cadence you want, and all our of our connections in between (email, phone, text) are part of this package.  I wanted to create a way to work together that maximizes options for customization and feels like there is an open door – we are partners in this.  

Retuning clients are welcome to schedule individual appointments at any frequency. 

Results Include: 

Career Change
Identifying fulfilling work
Understanding and articulating your gifts and contributions
Tools to support your change (search planning, resume, networking, interviewing, negotiating)

Career Development

Career planning
Cultivating authentic presence
Finding work / life balance
Improved workplace communication

How it Works

  • To start, I’ll send you documents to fill out and send before our first appointment (I like to review them before we meet in order to make the best use of our time together)
  • We’ll have our first meeting (90 minutes) where we talk about the documents, start our conversation about two components that are core for career conversations – logistics (what you want from your work life) and contributions (what you want to give) – and cover the topics that are most important to you
  • Before we close, we will clearly determine what you want to accomplish in our 3 months together and understand what that looks like when it’s complete
  • From here on, sessions are 60 minutes long and can be scheduled at any interval
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